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Model Delivery Portfolios

Model delivery portfolios are one of the fastest growing technology-driven segments of asset management, enhancing investor access to innovative strategies. With model delivery, a professional portfolio manager transmits monthly or periodic buy and sell instructions to a technology-driven investment platform. The platform then executes trades on behalf of its investors. Model-delivery technologies provide a variety of potential benefits:

Comparatively lower costs

Access to institutional managers and strategies

Greater control for advisors and home offices

Direct investor ownership of securities

Opportunity for tax management at the individual security level

F/m Investments offers a variety of strategies via model-delivery. Each model utilizes the same investment process our managers use for a mutual fund, institutional separate account, or private fund. Model portfolios are available only through sponsors of third-party separately managed account (SMA) and unified managed account (UMA) platforms.

Integrated AlphaF/m Integrated Alpha Core Equity FocusedF00000UMX7
Integrated AlphaF/m Integrated Alpha Large Cap FocusedF00000UMWY
Integrated AlphaF/m Integrated Alpha All Cap FocusedF00000VTWO
Integrated AlphaF/m Integrated Alpha Long/ShortF000010UH4